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If you’ve followed this blog with at least minimal cognizance, you know that it’s pretty much all over the place. Sure, it’s a travel and photography blog, but other than that, there is no compelling tagline like “How to Hitchhike Around the World in 40 Days.” You don’t know what you’re getting right off the bat. There’s no mission. There’s no travel advice. There are no articles entitled “World’s 5 Most Romantic Sunsets” and “Shop Till You Drop: Souvenir Steals and Deals in Sun-Laden Sicily.” Because, honestly, who the hell am I to give such advice? You are competent and intelligent people, and I’m not willing to disguise opinion as fact. And I am not intelligent enough to differentiate a romantic sunset from an unromantic one.

Despite this inconsistency and in light of this open-endedness, I love blogging. And when one loves to do something, they must nurture it and…

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